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Over the months of June to September in 2015, twenty­-seven photography students and recent graduates from the Victorian College of the Arts and the California Institute of the Arts teamed up to deliver a collaborative photo­media project on the Instagram account @habitatstories.

Each week, one photographer from each institution worked together on the theme of ‘habitats’. During this time followers of the account were taken to various locations; from Perth to Melbourne, Los Angeles, Valencia and Oregon to Japan and the United Kingdom.

Using Instagram as a platform allowed for immediacy and spontaneity, the freedom to share images at any given moment in time. Students revealed intimate spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms and at other times showed us snapshots of suburbia, supermarkets, hotel rooms, art galleries, highways and back­alleys full of garbage.

They explored constructed and natural habitats, colours, used movies, gifs and creative forms of image­based call and response techniques as a means of artistic collaboration, working together without ever physically meeting. Each week the public were invited to join this photographic collaboration, as the students exchanged ideas, learning from each other with each new post.

  Photo by Guy Grabowsky Photography